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War in Ukraine: Responding

The brutal war in Ukraine has triggered the largest war-related migration of people since the Balkan War of the 1990s. We join our prayers with people across the world for peace.  We have prayer stations you can use in all five of our churches to focus your thoughts and join your prayers with ours.

You can download a prayer for peace in the world here, and a special prayer written by the Archbishops for the Ukraine here.

There are two safe and secure ways where your gift can support those most in need:

The first is through the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal which is supported by a number of charities including Christian Aid, the ecumenical relief and development agency of the British and Irish churches. Your gift will help provide food, bedding and temporary accommodation for people who have fled the war in Ukraine.

The second is through the USPG-Diocese in Europe Emergency Appeal which is looking to support the front line work of chaplaincies across Europe as well as Christian charities carrying out humanitarian work both in Ukraine and responding to the arrival of refugees in neighbouring countries.

Please avoid organising charitable collection of toys, clothes and bedding as this is often inappropriate and not what is most needed. 

Details of how individuals, companies and community groups can sponsor Ukrainians without family ties are now coming out. A Government FAQ and registration of interest form are now live.

You can find a regularly updated list of multinationals that are still operating within Russia just here.