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Light a Candle for a Loved One


Light a Candle for a Loved One

Date Sunday, 1 November 2020 16:30
Location HG3
Light a Candle for a Loved One

During this service we read the names of those for whom we have conducted funerals in recent years, along with those others we have been asked to name particularly.  

Unfortunately this year we cannot gather in person, as we simply can't make enough room for everyone to come, but we will be livestreaming this special service from St. Wilfrid's Church, South Stainley to our facebook page (fb.com/ourfivechurches) and our website (theunitedbenefice.org/engage), and we invite you to have a candle at home ready to light.

We understand that not everyone will be able to join in online, or may prefer not to, so the service will also be available to listen to shortly after it has finished by ‘phoning 01423 222470. We are also working towards having all of our churches open on Saturday 31st October if you would like to come to one of them and light a candle in memory there. The planned opening times are:

St. John’s, Bishop Thornton: 8am to 4pm

St. Andrew’s, Burnt Yates: 10am to 12noon

St. Michaels, Markington: 1pm to 4pm

All Saints’, Ripley: 9am to 5pm

St. Wilfrid’s, South Stainley: 12noon to 4pm

There will also be a chance then to leave any other names you would like remembered in the service.