The Joint PCC Agenda for February 6th meeting is now online

The Joint PCC Agenda for February 6th meeting is now online

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Publish date Published on Thursday, 11 January 2018 18:01

The draft agenda for the Joint PCC meeting on February 6th is now online   and
available to view

 I don't believe I have received anything yet from individual PCCs, but if I'm wrong please do correct me!

A couple of people have mentioned that they've not been entirely comfortable with meeting in pews, and would prefer to meet 'in the round'; conversely one or two have also commented on how well meeting in pews has worked... proving, as ever, that we are all different!  So I thought it might be worth sharing the rationale behind why we're meeting as we are at the moment. 
I thought it a good idea to hold our first round of meetings in the various churches to offer the opportunity to members of the JPCC to perhaps visit churches they had not been in before.  The idea was that this might lead to a greater understanding of, and familiarity with, the five contexts in which we work.  In the smaller churches there really has been no option but to meet in pews, as there has been no other really usable space.  For those of you who have not enjoyed it, rest assured the next meeting should be easier for you - as we are in Ripley, we will have the opportunity to meet around tables, which should be more familiar.

There has also been a suggestion that after we've finished with the churches, it might be nice to meet in homes around the Benefice... we will see how things develop, and what preferences emerge.

God bless you all, and I look forward to our meeting in February,